NOthing but the damn truth.

As Told By EVA

Do they know him, my father? Do they know anything about him other than him being the president of their country? Nigerians, quick to judge and rain causes. Looking for whom to blame for the chaos than reigns in the country. Screaming about eliminating corruption when they themselves are also buried deep in that sin.

How do they expect one man, to carry the ancestral problems we’ve all been facing for decades now? How do they expect one man to change years an years of wrong within the twinkle of an eye?. Do they think it is easy to govern a country such as Nigeria? To handle the mind blowing issues that presents itself everyday?

Do they think he does not see the suffering of citizens, and the pain which most Nigerians are faced with? Do they think they are the only ones who are being slapped by the brutality…

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